full xml file comparison against another xml file

full xml file comparison against another xml file

Ok.  I have been searching for a couple of days for previous development of a script that will compare two xml files against each other.  But have come up short handed.  I take it that full file comparison is not done normally within the web world.  I have seen craterfulls of applications for the 'desktop', but none for the web world.

The xml files are formatted in such a way as the data that each node contains is in the attributes of that node.
  1. <node attribute="pickles" attribute2="donuts" />

What I am trying to do is full file (answerKey.xml) compare the node name and each attribute of the node against studentSubmission.xml file compare.

I have attached a sample file that could be used as an answerKey.  within my web application, a student will be submitting something similar (at least the instructor hopes).  I want the web application to do the comparisons in a 'behind the scene' fashion. 

A failure in any node should output something. This part is easy.

Any suggestions or paths to check out would be helpful.  I am stuck.
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