Github confusion / clarification

Github confusion / clarification

I sense that I may be missing something very basic, and I hope someone has some GitHub insight to share.

I'm working on a widget that may be similar, in many ways, to jquery.ui.panel.js which Jörn is currently working on for a subsequent release.

I can see that Jörn posted an update to panel ( ) but, Lord be my witness, I can't find ui/jquery.ui.panel.js either in the jQuery-ui repository or in Jörn's fork. I can see the file here: ( ) but I can't find it when I browse the trees starting from a ui/ folder root.

In other words, the panel widget file is not here ( ) and not here ( ) either.

What I really want to do is regularly git-pull jquery.ui.panel.js locally and follow-it along through its development.

Can someone explain this to me? These recent commits are waiting for a merge, perhaps? That would be my guess.  But it's a new file, and there doesn't seem to be any git-pull'able version of it anywhere.


**--**  Steve