glitched isotope extenstion

glitched isotope extenstion

Has anyone attempted to use this plugin.

I am attempting to use it but when it is installed I get the following message in the console. 
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
(this always refers to the first li ne of the $.Isotope.prototype  methods which the page says i need to import)

The isotope display is also severely glitched.
The isotpes consist of a outer container and inner divs which contain text and images)

The isotope container initially display normally but when the page is resized their movement is not animated. The internal images appear in the center of the container all on top of each other.
The text items are shifter left so that the first one starts at the center of the container, they are not stacked on top
 of each other.

Interestingly if i add the  $.Isotope.prototype  methods in an external JS file the graphical glitch always occurs, but if i embed it in the page the graphical glitch only occurs if i add the option needed to use the functionality to the isotope(){} options array.