hide default navmenu-panel when at >960 resolution

hide default navmenu-panel when at >960 resolution


I'd like to take the left navmenu links that display on the homepage by default on resolutions over 960px...

and hide it, and make it function like the panel that has to be called by the menu bars button that appears when under the resolution of 960px.

In other words, I want the navmenu-panel functionality called by the menu bars no matter the resolution.

I can remove display:none; from .jqm-demos .jqm-navmenu-link { display: none;}, and then the menu bars show in the header, but I can't open the navmenu-panel until the resolution dips under 960px.

I like the 1.3.2 jqm nav menu look better than the 1.4 default of automatically showing left nav links at a higher res, but 1.4 has other cool features I need to have, so I can't use 1.3.

How do I achieve a left navmenu-panel that is hidden at all resolutions, then called by the menu bar button that also shows at all resolutions?

Many Thanks!