Hide div on click

Hide div on click

In this image when i select value from dropdown and select dates then container is displayed and then when i select row from table data then cont and sumdata div is displayed now i want when i select again dates from datepicker then want to hide all divs ... and when click on search then want to display container 


<script type="text/javascript">

     var strarr = "[{name:'sfdsdfLi', y:9}, {name:'Kiwsdfi', y:3}, {name:'Mixesdfdnuts', y:1} ,{name:'Oranges', y:6}, {name:'Grapes', y:1}]";

     $(function () {

         $("#search_data").on('click', function () {

             var fromdate = $('[ID*=fromdate]').val();

             var todate = $('[ID*=todate]').val();

             var value = $('[ID*=valuedrop] option:selected')[0].value;

             var obj = {};

             var value = {};

             obj.fromdate = fromdate;

             obj.todate = todate;

             obj.value = value;

             value = value;

             Getdata(obj, reg);

             return false;



     function Getdata(obj, reg) {



             type: "POST",

             url: "WebForm1.aspx/GetVo",

             data: JSON.stringify(obj),

             contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",

             dataType: "json",

             async: true,

             cache: false,

             success: function (result) {

               var myData = result.d;


                 if (myData !== null && Object.keys(myData).length !== 0) {

                     strarr = result.d;

                     var myarr = eval(strarr);

                    // Drewchart(myarr);








              else {





                  $("#<%=Label5.ClientID%>").text("DATA NOT FOUND");







            error: function (error) {

                alert('no data');