Hover button arrow

Hover button arrow

Hi all,

m.ideebv.com has a menu generated with wayfinder.
You see that the menutext is white when hovered. But the black arrow on the right side disappears.
I made a white version of this and I tried a several things to make a hover for the arrow too.

In jquery.mobile-1.0min.css I add the following line:
  1. .ui-icon,.ui-icon-searchfield:hover:after{background-image:url(images/icons-18-white.png);background-repeat:no-repeat;}

  1. .ui-icon,.ui-icon-searchfield:hover{background-image:url(images/icons-18-white.png);background-repeat:no-repeat;}
But it al won't work.

Does someone know how I can hover the arrow?

Greets Mark