How to apply themeroller themes using grunticon

How to apply themeroller themes using grunticon


I am using jquery-2.1.0 and

I have applied themes using grunticon loader as prescribed in JQM demos. So code in my html head looks something like this:

window.grunticon=function(e){if(e&&3===e.length){var t=window,n=!(!t.document.createElementNS||!t.document.createElementNS("","svg").createSVGRect||!document.implementation.hasFeature("","1.1")||window.opera&&-1===navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome")),o=function(o){var r=t.document.createElement("link"),a=t.document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.rel="stylesheet",r.href=e[o&&n?0:o?1:2],a.parentNode.insertBefore(r,a)},r=new t.Image;r.onerror=function(){o(!1)},r.onload=function(){o(1===r.width&&1===r.height)},r.src=""}};
grunticon( [ "./mob/css/", "./mob/css/", "./mob/css/" ] );

<noscript id="grunticon-fallback">
<link href="./mob/css/" rel="stylesheet">

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./mob/css/my.custom.theme-1.1.css" />

Now I created a new JQM 1.4.2 theme using themeroller. In the downloaded zip file I don't have all these css files(,, So how to apply the downloaded theme using grunticon loader.

The downloaded zip file contains following files:
images folder

One more doubt is, In my solution(The code snippet I have given above) I didn't include '' and ''. But while downloading the theme from themeroller, it guided me to include it. Should I include it? Which place should I include it in my solution. Is the sequence of css files and their inclusion incorrect in my solution.