How to call onchange on dropdown via jquery plugin

How to call onchange on dropdown via jquery plugin

I've a jquery plugin created called 'testInfo'. here is the snippet:

                width: 400,
                title: 'Test Info',
                    name: nameInfo,
                    status: statusInfo,
                    region: regions,
                    start: starttimeInfo,
                    end: endtimeInfo,
                    selectRegion:function switchRegion(){alert('')}

I have a dropdown that I need to perform a change event on: below is my underscore template

  1.    '<div class="test-info" id = "test-info"><dt class="label">Region:</dt><dd class="value"><% if ( data.region.length == 1 ) {%><%= data.region %>'
               +' </select><% }%><% if( data.region.length > 1 ) {%><select id = "selectedRegion"><% _.each(data.region,function(field){ %><option value ="<%=>" <%= ( ? "selected" : "" %>><%= %></option>'
               +'<% }) %></select><% }%></dd><dt class="label">Start:</dt><dd class="value"><%= data.start %></dd><dt class="label">End:</dt><dd class="value"><%= data.end %></dd></dl></div></div>',

I want to call the onchange event via my plugin. I tried something like this:

  1.     var self=this;
there is no way i get this work. Anyone has ideas on how can I call the change event internally via plugin. I'm avoiding the use of external calling of the selector: i.e. `$( "#selectedRegion" ).change(switchRegion);