How to find and updated an INPUT field?

How to find and updated an INPUT field?

I created a JSFiddle to help explain the change I wish to make.

  1. <tr>
  2.             <td class='priority'>
  3.                 <input name="sequence" value="1" size="6" />
  4.             </td>
  5.             <!--Added INPUT field  in the td class priority-->
  7.             <td>George Washington</td>
  8.             <td>Apple</td>
  9.             <td>N</td>
  10.             <td><a class='btn btn-delete btn-danger'>Delete</a>
  11. </td>

This would be generated from a php call to a database that is currently working well.

At the end of the drag and drop I'm trying to re-number the value of the sequence in the input field.

The original example was easier because it used the <td> element and used the HTML handler to replace it with the new number.

  1. $(this).find('.priority').html(count);

I'm trying to replace that line to find the "sequence" and replace the value with the new "count".

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance for your help.