How to link to wordpress pages

How to link to wordpress pages


I'm trying to build a mobile website with Jquery Mobile.
I'll explain what my plans are.

For my customers, which allready hava a desktop website, I want to make mobile websites:
Jquery Mobile websites with a connection to the desktop website. So when they change text on their desktop website, it automatically changes on the mobile website too.

The first customer has a wordpress website. That's very simple, because Wordpress has a Jquery Mobile plugin. But I don't want to use that plugin, because I want to practise in case of customers don't have a Wordpress website.

In the mobile page I made a navigation menu and the different pages. In that pages I made a connection with that particular wordpress page. So the content is visible on the mobile page to.
It went very easy. 

BUT, then a problem occurs. I want to keep the mobile page dynamic as possible.
So I don't want to make all the subpages, because they exist allready on the Wordpress website.
So I made a textual linklist, which links to the absolut wordpress pages, because they are as good as mobile ready.
But then it doesn't work anymore. Jquery Mobile doesn't go further anymore.

So the conclusion is, I have to make all the subpages in Jquery Mobile to let it work. That means that the customer has to do that also when he adds a subpage. 

You can see the problem at:

When you click on a link, Jquery Mobile doesn't go further anymore. That link, links to an absolut wordpress page. 

Can somebody tell me how I can solve this problem without creating the subpages again as loose PHP files?