How to simplify <figure><picture><source><img> combination?

How to simplify <figure><picture><source><img> combination?

In recent months I experienced more and more webpages which embed pictures not as simple images any more but as a nested element combination with a code like:
  1. <div>
  2. <figure>
  3. <picture>
  4. <source>...</source>
  5. <source>....</source>
  6. </picture>
  7. </figure>
  8. </div>
Have a look at the sample web page

Right click in chapter 1 on the big picture and select "Inspect element"

The nested code above results  in further problems in my scripts.

Can the code somehow be simplified to just the good ol' flat <img> tag?
Removing all the <source> elements does not help. This would delete the image.
I want to keep the image visible but remove the "framing" stuff.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you