How to speed up page rendering?

How to speed up page rendering?

I'm hoping more experienced hands will spot the problems easily and be able to help us out:

It takes a very long moment to load this page -- on slow connections, the rendering will seem to hang up on the tabbed box near the center.

Yes, the page uses a bunch of plugins: Zentabs, Cookie, HoverIntent, Corner, a dropdown menu and an accordion menu plus some of the jQuery UI.

One puzzling oddity is that it seems we have to load the jQuery library twice--in the source you can see two lines calling jquery/1.5.0/jquery.min.js

Is it possible that the two calls to that big library are part of what slows down the page?

Also, if

the second src="/library/js/dropdowns.js"> line is removed, the accordion menu breaks in IE.  (That's not my biggest concern, but just wondering why.)

Thank you for any advice or suggestions.