IE9 responseXML

IE9 responseXML

Hi people,

Would you be so kind to take a look at this bug report I filed some time ago:

Unfortunately the ticket has been closed with an unsatisfying respose, in my opinion.
Perhaps I'm overlooking something, that's why I need you guys (and girls) for a second, third... opinion.

My objective: Locally, from within a .HTA, load a valid .xml file and retrieve the returned XML object through the responseXML method. I use the jQuery method: $.get() for loading the .xml file.

I only keep getting back "undefined" in IE9 whereas Firefox 3.6 clearly returns an XML Object, as it should be.
My goal is to transform this XML object with an .XSL stylesheet.

I can only reach this goal by using the responseText method, which then has to be converted back to an XML object, which doesn't make any sense to me.

Again, I'm probably missing something here.

So, please have a look and let's discuss :)

Kind regards.