iFrameSizer.min.js error

iFrameSizer.min.js error


I use IFrameResizer and after upgrading jQuery to V. 3.3.1 I get the following error:

  1. [iFrameSizer][Host page: import1] IFrame has not responded within 5 seconds. Check iFrameResizer.contentWindow.js has been loaded in iFrame. This message can be ingored if everything is working, or you can set the warningTimeout option to a higher value or zero to suppress this warning.
  2. k @ iframeResizer.min.js
  3. j @ iframeResizer.min.js
  4. a @ iframeResizer.min.js
  5. setTimeout (async)
  6. k @ iframeResizer.min.js
  7. u @ iframeResizer.min.js
  8. o @ iframeResizer.min.js
  9. w @ iframeResizer.min.js
  10. b @ iframeResizer.min.js
  11. (anonymous) @ iframeResizer.min.js?
  12. (anonymous) @ ?page=import1&tk=29e0b6b1ef96690288b12418a5cd3566:157

Please see attached file:

Does this requires changing responded time of progress bar or is something else which should I check?

Thank you in advance!