Inconsistent Draggable performance on IE11

Inconsistent Draggable performance on IE11

I have what is admittedly a complex single-page web application, on which there are 6-10 draggable elements.

I've noticed that the dragging performance is inconsistent. Sometimes it's fast and very smooth, other times it's slow and very choppy.

I'm not actually doing anything during a drag, and I've tried to eliminate any possible factors in testing, so I'm not really sure what's up.

I've tried playing with the profiling tool, but I'm not really sure how to read it. For the test runs I simply dragged the same element in the same circle for the same amount of time, in exactly the same page and application view, as I refresh the page completely for each test.

Even I see an ENORMOUS difference between the smooth runs and the choppy runs:

That Frames Per Second difference is exactly what the problem feels like. Sometimes smooth as glass, sometimes laggy and choppy.

I'd really appreciate any input or questions. I can't afford to keep chasing this issue for one browser, but I'd really love for it to work.