issue re-opening a div tag after closing

issue re-opening a div tag after closing

Problem: reopening a a div tag via button.

initial page load, the div tag is hidden by design, this works.
User needs to change location information so he/she clicks the button(buttonONE) to open the div tag to make changes, this works.
after the changes are made the user clicks the button(buttonTWO) to save the information and the div tag is closed at the same time, this also works.

If a user decides to reopen the div tag using buttonONE (original button to open the div tag) the div tag remains closed.

initial call to this script opens the div tag but if its closed by another script such as the sec. set of script i copy/pasted at the bottom this script stops working or not making the call.
  1. $(document).ready(function(){ 
  2. $("#btl_showLocationChangeID").click(function(){
  3. $("#locationDivID").show("slow");  
  4. });
  5. }); 

so this script reloads a div tag to update information and hides the div tag a opened by the above script
  1. $(document).ready(function() { 
  2. $('#btl_changeLocationID').on('click', function() {
  3. var url = 'index2.php';  
  4. $('#div1-wrapper').load(url + ' #div1'); 
  5. $("#locationDivID").hide();
  6. }); 
  7. }); 

Any ideas as to how i can resolve this issue?