jcarousel cuts off display of thumbnails randomly

jcarousel cuts off display of thumbnails randomly

I am using jcarousel on two separate pages of a site, using the static-vertical version.  When I load the page, there should be 6 vertical thumbnails displaying, with a total of about 38 in the list. 

Sometimes the vertical display of the thumbnails stops suddenly, so that maybe 4 1/2 thumbnails are showing, and the rest is blank.  I can still scroll the carousel, but there are no more image thumbnails.  It is seemingly random.  The cutoff doesn't always happen at the same place, and it doesn't always happen every time.

If I refresh the page, everything displays correctly and all thumbnails are visible.

I don't remember this happening when I was only using jcarousel on one page of the site, but once I added a second page with this same code (different thumbnail set) I noticed this started happening.  Could the two pages accessing the same jquery library be causing some kind of conflict?

I tried preloading the thumbnails on loading the page body, thinking it was loading the large images first and not getting finished with the thumbnails fast enough, but that didn't help.

Also, I am using jcarousel in combination with a javascript function that allows a large image to be displayed on clicking the thumbnail.  I realize I could use thickbox, but I don't want to.  This javascript function is pretty old so perhaps it is conflicting with jcarousel?  Is there a newer better way to do this?

The dev site is visible here:  http://www.oliversitedesign.com/dev/danacfair/portfolio.html

Second page with different thumbnails:  http://www.oliversitedesign.com/dev/danacfair/recent.html

Also, I haven't really made any changes to the code provided at Sorgalla, other than moving the skins library and changing the arrows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  - jquery newbie

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