jeditable question

jeditable question

This question pertains to using jeditable by Mike Tuupolo

I am using it fairly simply and it all works fine, updates the database, etc. The only problem I have is after the user types the new value data and hits enter it doesn't update the field in the browser to show the new value - instead it shows "Click to edit..." in place what was just edited

Could you offer me any advice?

the jquery\jeditable code 
   id: 'field',
   name: 'val',
   indicator: 'Saving...',
   tooltip: 'Click to edit...',
   select : true,
   submitdata : { db : "cust_pers", kn : "cust_key", rec : "<?php echo $rec; ?>" }

the div
<div class="pEdit" id="svc_ad1" ><?php echo $row->svc_ad1; ?></div>

i also have a css class for pEdit

  border-bottom:1px solid #aaaaaa;