jEditable SELECT and MySQL

jEditable SELECT and MySQL


I try to create form with editable fields. I used jEditable.
This is JS part:
  1.  $(".ed_akierownik").editable("modyfikuj_del.php?type=kierownik", { //(*1)"modyfikuj_del?type=" - this sets data for MySQL and other PHP processing
          loadurl : "/kier_list.php", //this loads data for <SELECT>
          indicator : 'Saving...',
          event     : "dblclick",
          type    : 'select',
          style  : "inherit",
          id: 'id_d',
          width: ($("span.ed_kierownik").width() + 180) + "px",
           function(value, settings) {
  1. This is part of html section
  2. <td width=100><span class=\"ed_kierownik\" style=\"display: inline\" id=".$delegacja[id_delegacji]." width=150>".$delegacja[mgr_nazwisko]." ".$delegacja[mgr_imie]."</span></td>

loadurl result (JSON):

{"24":"NAME","1":"NAME 2","2":"NAME 3",etc...}

In line (*1) I want to add ID of entry from MySQL taht coresponds to current row.. for example like that:

modyfikuj_del.php?type=kierownik&id=[get_from_span_val_id_witch_was_cliked] - bolded text from html part.

Or in any other way to pass this ID to modyfikuj_del.php - as POST or GET - doesn't matter for me.

Please help