jqm doesn't work on iOs (iphone 4 not S) with chrome browser

jqm doesn't work on iOs (iphone 4 not S) with chrome browser


I've built a nice site with jQuery mobile latest version (1.1.1), which works pretty well on most OSs and Browsers (listed below).
But on iOs on iphone 4 via Chrome browser it just doesn't work, specifically:
- when I have the data-role="page" div when the page loads and gets to this line it gets stuck - just loading and loading...
- if I remove the data-role="page" from the div and just leave it as it is (as listed in the docs it's not mandatory), or if I rename the data-role to "page1" or anything else the page continue loading, including loading my js file that is called from the header with <script src="..."> BUT the pageshow and pageinit doesn't fire, not when using bind, not when using live... just not.

Some words on my architecture and tests:
- I'm using PHP and CodeIgniter on my server.
- jQuery UI is also included.
- I'm hosted on linux with apache (though it also doesn't work from localhost when connecting to my laptop that is on the same wi-fi network/workgroup).

- The web-app runs smoothly on desktop Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
- It also runs great on android ICS and GB: native browsers, Chrome and almost perfect on Firefox mobile on Android.
- It runs great on Safari on iOs/iphone.

Any pointers? Ideas? Known Issues?