jQuery Ajax tabs + tab content page POST

jQuery Ajax tabs + tab content page POST

Anyone have any code examples or tutorials on how to implement POST's on the pages that each of the jQuery's Ajaxified tabs loads?

Mainly looking for examples of the tab content pages post'ing/get'ing params.

here's an example of the stand-alone page that functions normally:
http://k.marky-b.me/graph.php?function=si (select Oct. 8th, 2009 to see example or POST in action)

but when popped into an Ajax jQuery tab, the POST doesnt work
http://k.marky-b.me/reports.php (select Oct. 8th, 2009)

As you can see, on the second example, when the page POST's, it's no longer running in the tab.

How do i get it to just refresh/POST within the tab?

[edit] i reformed my question above [/edit]