JQuery autocomplete PHP MySQL help

JQuery autocomplete PHP MySQL help

Hi this is my first post!

I'm v new to JQuery, but already am excited about it. But am stuck on this because I can't find any real examples...

I want to link up the JQuery autocomplete module up to my MySQL database using PHP.

I've got the JQ part working fine. But I don't know how to display/format my PHP array? Should I just print_r() the array, or run through it and each out every value? Or do I display it in an unordered list?

It seems that echoing out each value (on their own or as a list item) screws up the JQ display.

$().ready(function() {

   $("#name").autocomplete("/autocomp.php", {
      width: 350,
<input id="name" />

$input = $_GET['q'];
# then do SQL to find matches for this
# return results as an array
# ... now how do I display this data ??

Thanks in advance
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