JQuery Cycle

JQuery Cycle

I am using this plugin and I am having problems using one of its functions.

Then I wanted to add the following function ->  http://www.malsup.com/jquery/cycle/int2.html at the top left it shows you how to make your plugin advance to slide by clicking on the picture. I have tried and Its working :)... now I am trying to use the one n the right side (Prev/Next) and I just dont have any ideas how to make it work with the code I already have. I am not sure if I have use html or something so that buttons Prev and Next show up in my website.

To be honest, Its the first time I am doing something like this so I'd be really happy if some could help me out :D


  1. $('#slideshow-portfolio ul').cycle({
  2. timeout: 5000,// milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)
  3. fx: 'fade',// choose your transition type, ex: fade, scrollUp, shuffle, etc...            
  4. pager: '#nav',// selector for element to use as pager container
  5. pagerEvent: 'mouseover',
  6.        next:   '#slideshow-portfolio ul', 
  7. delay: 0, // additional delay (in ms) for first transition (hint: can be negative)
  8. speed: 1000,  // speed of the transition (any valid fx speed value) 
  9. pause: true,// true to enable "pause on hover"
  10. cleartypeNoBg: true,// set to true to disable extra cleartype fixing (leave false to force background color setting on slides)
  11. pauseOnPagerHover: true // true to pause when hovering over pager link
  12. });