Jquery date-picker "fromdate" reflect to "todate"

Jquery date-picker "fromdate" reflect to "todate"

I try jquery datepicker 
In this i set some some conditions
1) from date show only 2 year i.e. if 2016 then previous month must be 2015 if 2017 then previous month will be 2016 

2) second is suppose i select date aug 1, 2016 from date then user select two months i.e. if aug 1, 2016 then sep 30, 2016 
same as if user select feb 15, 2016 then april 15,2016  i.e. only two month 

3) if current date is 5 October 2016  then onwards date of oct and  months i.e. nov , dec  must be hide and i am done with all these conditions 

now the problem is 

when i select date from "fromdate" picker then this date reflect on "todate" when i select 3 oct 2016 then todate change to 3 oct 2016 where as i dont want this 

i want when i select date any date from "fromdate" then "todate" must be dd/mm/yyyy until user select date from "todate"

check this