JQuery function($). Understanding syntax

JQuery function($). Understanding syntax

I am starting to work with Backbone JS but, the problem is am not an expertised in JQuery.
So having problem understanding the below code. 
Can someone help me out understand line by line execution of this JS code
Right from the beginning. Would really appreciate the effort. 
What is function($) till the end (jQuery);

  1. (function($){

  2. var ListView = Backbone.View.extend({
  3.     el: $('body'), // attaches `this.el` to an existing element.

  4.     initialize: function(){
  5.       _.bindAll(this, 'render'); // fixes loss of context for 'this' within methods

  6.   this.render(); // not all views are self-rendering. This one is.
  7.     },

  8.     render: function(){
  9.       $(this.el).append("<ul> <li>hello world</li> </ul>");
  10.     }
  11.   });

  12.    var listView = new ListView();
  13. })(jQuery);