Jquery load not working

Jquery load not working

i have a button that calls a js/jq function when clicked:

the button:
 '<input type="button" value="Up Vote" onclick="changevote(true,'.$_GET['itemid'].','.$reviewid.');">';

the js/jq:
function changevote(bool, itemid, reviewid){
$(this).load("changeVote.php", "bool="+bool+"&itemid="+itemid+"&reviewid="+reviewid,function(){});  

and finally changeVote.php that should be called:

$ReviewGroup = new ReviewGroup($_GET['itemid']);
$list = $ReviewGroup->getReviews(); //get the list of approved reviews

foreach($list as $review){
if ($review->getID() == $_GET['reviewid'])

NOTHING happens in changeVote.php when the button is clicked.

everything is fine until the load statement.

does anyone see anything out of the oridinary here?