[jQuery] loading problems using .load

[jQuery] loading problems using .load

I’ve been using drupal for a bit now I thought that I would add some ajax code to my pages
The idea is that jquery is used to generate a list of content(nodes) from category link at the side, that in turn the user selects to add the interest content in the main page.
Everything appeared to be working fine until on certain pages(ie pages that appear similar to www.mysite.com/node/190) the process would break and it appears that the full links are being load breaking the layout of the page its looks like the stopPropagation and preventDefault functions are not working.
I get this error message can some one point my in some direction of what is taking place to generate the message
Is it just a case that there is no input being passed - the message comes up using opera(js console) but nothing is displayed in firefox
Unknown thread
name: TypeError
message: Statement on line 1: Could not convert undefined or null to object
Line 1 of eval script
if (data.constructor == Function)
if (data)
jQuery.ajax("GET", url, null, function (r,status)
if (callback)
callback(jQuery.httpData(r, type), status);
, ifModified);
Line 1 of eval script
jQuery.get(url, data, callback, "script");
Line 1 of eval script
if (this.src)
Line 1 of eval script
if (obj.length == undefined)
return obj;
Line 1 of eval script
return jQuery.each(this, fn, args);
Line 1 of eval script
if (status == "success" || ! ifModified && status == "notmodified")
Line 1 of eval script
if (xml && (xml.readyState == 4 || istimeout == "timeout"))
At unknown location
[statement source code not available]
My code is a little fragmented but
This is the general idea (The problem could be that I call a load inside the callback of the first call ie somehow the $("#content").load(nodevar,{
is left open)
$(document).ready(function(){ // Gets everything set up on page load



var nodevarlist = 'www.mysite.com/loadlistdata’;

// Content in the SideBar has been selected now it time for the AJAX part

// Callback function runs once load complete for all the links generate sets up AJAX on the new links
// },function(){
// loaded stuff can be clicked,
// as stuff loaded this way has no event handlers attached


var nodevar = '<?'www.mysite.com/nodedata’
return false; // so the link doesn't actually load a new page
return false;
Any one got ideas
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