Jquery Mobile 1.4.0 + page change = custom select menu stop working??

Jquery Mobile 1.4.0 + page change = custom select menu stop working??


I posted this question on Stack overflow but I had no solution really: I have just upgraded from jquery mobile 1.3.2 to 1.4 on my MVC application (MVC 5 developped on VS 2012)

In my code I have set the generic option for native menus to false:$.mobile.selectmenu.prototype.options.nativeMenu = false;

And the default Ajax navigation is kept to true - it was like this before on 1.3.2 and worked perfectly well:

$.mobile.ajaxEnabled = true;

When I first load the application I can see all my items in the select menus as rendered by jquery without any problem. However, it would appear that after navigating to another URL (either by say calling changePage() or simply having a clickable listview with no javascript only a link ref (<a href=blah...>), the select menus stop working - I click, tap, nothing shows. No error is flagged in the browser either.

It starts working again after I refresh the whole page.

I am on a single model design, and I call my pages by the URL for example by invoking the MVC @Html.Action("view","controller").

If I switch the nativeMenu option to true, then I can see the menu items all the time.

I am starting to think that this is related to jquery mobile 1.4.0 as I have a demo site for the app with 1.3.2 and the problem described above doesn't exist there. But again there is no error.

Has anyone faced this issue and found a solution to this?

Many thanks for reading