jQuery mobile a "changePage" message problem

jQuery mobile a "changePage" message problem

when in version 1.3.2,I can use this way to chage other page,and show the "changing" message
$.mobile.changePage('index.html', .....
$.mobile.loadingMessage = "reading...";
$.mobile.loadingMessageTextVisible = true;

but in version 1.4.0,the " changePage" method will deprecated as 1.4.0 and removed in 1.5.0 by future
so I use pagecontainer widget's change() method instead,now I use this way
$(':mobile-pagecontainer').pagecontainer('change', 'index.html', .....

OK,it's work,but the original "reading....." dialog message is not appear 
I am so confused,so I check out the 1.3.2 and 1.4.0 api document
finally know that the method seems to remove by 1.4.0,because of this is no records

is there any instead way to use the method in 1.4.0?

if I change to the "not exist" page,I can use this way to show the dialog message
$.mobile.pageLoadErrorMessage = "fail...";
$.mobile.pageLoadErrorMessageTheme = "b";
and...it's all work by 1.3.2 and 1.4.0