jQuery mobile page change and page position

jQuery mobile page change and page position

I have a strange problem with jQuery mobile. I tried to search for it, but all the results are about how to scroll to somewhere.

My scenario:

On the main page, we have a bunch of products. This is a list of them, and these products are in divs. Nothing special.

So, there are the header with logo and basket icon, some other things, like search, and then the list is coming.

If I see the very top of the page, and see the first product, and click on the product's link, then everything is ok on the product page, the page is starting with header.

But, when I scroll down, let's say, to 200px on the main page, and click on a product, the product page shows me from 200px from top.

If the product page has 1200px height, and on the main screen I scroll to 2500px, (so more than the bottom of the product page), I will arive to the very bottom of the product page.

So it's seems, the position of the product page is related to where I come from the main page.

I hope you understand it, if you need some image about this, please tell me. Unfortunatly I can not show you the life example, and can not create a jsFiddle.

It happens on the device, and the FF Developer edition responsive design view too.

Does sombody has the same experience with this?

I tried this.
$(document).on("pagecreate", function () { //$(document).on("pagebeforeshow", function () { $.mobile.silentScroll(0); });

It works well. The problem is, it always scroll to top, as expected. But with this, I lost the feature, when you push the back button. In a long list, on the main page, could be great, if the position could be kept.