jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap + Google Adsense

jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap + Google Adsense

i think it is time to ask the questions: 
Is jQuery Mobile's AJAX Navigation System architecturally incompatible with the javascript used by Google Adsense?   

Is it legally possible to monetize a mobile app with jQuery Mobile and Google Adsense?

i would love it if somebody proved these questions false.  

i would love it if the jquery dev community or google acknowledged if there even is a problem.

stack overflow and the jquery forums are littered with questions that seek an answer - as far as i can tell, nobody has an answer.

here is just a few of the links to the blogs and forums which i've considered: 

http://therockncoder.blogspot.com/2012/08/jquery-mobile-and-adsense.html  >> problem: breaks jQuery Mobile navigation

http://www.adploits.com/2011/10/05/jquery-mobile-and-google-adsense-working/  >> problem: breaks Google Adsense terms & conditions

https://forum.jquery.com/topic/adsense-and-jquery-mobile-working  >> problem: breaks Google Adsense terms & conditions

http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/adsense/GSPSp9oj5Ck >> problem: no answer that doesn't violate Google Adsense terms & conditions

there are many more links i could post...

my particular usage: 
I have two apps in both iTunes and Google Play 

i'm working on the next version of both of my apps using: 
jQuery 1.9
jQuery Mobile 1.3
PhoneGap 2.8 

both of the apps have 10+ pages - each time a page is visited i would like for Google Adsense to serve a new ad.  i want credit for each time a user visits a page in my mobile apps.

my goal seems simple: a 320 x 50 pixel ad in the footer of every "page" and i do not want to violate Google Adsense's terms & conditions.

i put "page" in quotes because i mean it in terms of a jQuery Mobile page - i.e. data-role="page"