jQuery on HbbTV devices / qUnit test suite with XML

jQuery on HbbTV devices / qUnit test suite with XML

Hello jQuery people!

on my company we're developing HbbTV apps for TV sets. This is an open standard described here http://hbbtv.org/.

The standard requires that the pages are deviered by the webserver with the content-type: application/xhtml+xml - more exactly application/vnd.hbbtv.xhtml+xml and when we use this content type the browser switches to a strict XML checking which causes a lot of problmes with jQuery on this devices.

Now I want to run jQuerys tests in XML mode. In the test folder there is even a PHP which sends the index.html with the XML content-type ( https://github.com/jquery/jquery/blob/1.9-stable/test/xhtml.php). But when I run this tests even the desktop browsers throw a lot of errors for the core module (on Chrome: 12).

I even had to fix some issues on qUnit to get it running in XML mode (Replace &nbsp; < and >, adding />). So my Question is: Is there a more elegant way to get this done. Does somebody has the same problems/experience. Any advice is welcome :)

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