jQuery, PHP, ajax not storing database values

jQuery, PHP, ajax not storing database values

Hello everyone,

Quite new to jQuery, AJAX and PHP, and all new to this forum 

This is probably not a brainer for the experienced, but I simply cannot find out what is wrong.
Let me explain...

I have...
1 HTML page, with a form that submits only 1 field. This page also contains my jQuery / AJAX code.
1 PHP page, with only a few statements to store information in my database.

I am trying to prevent redirection to the PHP page on Submit, which works just fine. However, the submitted field is just not stored in my database table. I have tried different ways of writing my jQuery / AJAX code, still no result.
If I remove my AJAX code, everything works just fine, and the submitted value will be stored in the database. So, the PHP seem fine, to me that is. What I don't want though, is to be redirected to that PHP page.

Firebug reports no errors.
If I catch the result from the PHP-script, it always says Success.

 Any ideas? I would really appreciate some help... If I got it all wrong below, feel free to just knock it / me down 

Ok, let's have a look at the code: (what am I doing wrong, or just don't understand?)
  1. On index.php

  2. $('#Submitted').click(function(){
  3.                                              var Title = $('#title').val();
  5.                                              $.ajax({
  6.                                                       type: "POST",
  7.                                                       url: "/php/submit_to_db.php",
  8.                                                       data: "mtitle=" + Title
  9.                                                       });
  10.                                              return false;
  11.                                              });

  12. On submit_to_db.php

  13.    $con = new mysqli('localhost', 'user', 'password', 'database');
  14.    $query = "INSERT INTO mytable(mtitle) VALUES(?)";
  15.    $stmt = $con->stmt_init();
  16.    if($stmt->prepare($query))
  17.       {
  18.       $stmt->bind_param('s', $_POST['title']);
  19.       $stmt->execute();
  20.       }
  21.    if($stmt) echo "Stored in database";
  22.    else echo "Unable to store information in database";