Jquery Remove Table row by value

Jquery Remove Table row by value

I Would like to use Jquery to remove 3 table rows (tr) depending on whats in the row.

For example these are the rows I want to remove from the table.

<tr><td><a href="index.php">index.php</a></td><td>PHP</td><td>2.45 Mb</td></tr>\
<tr><td><a href="bootstrap.min.css">bootstrap.min.css</a></td><td>CSS</td><td>71.46 Mb</td></tr>
<td><a href="bootstrap-responsive.min.css">bootstrap-responsive.min.css</a></td>

I dont want these three files appearing the the table at all. Can these be removed using JQuery by targeting the value ? 

Im New to Jquery so please explain as if too a noob.

Many Thanks