Jquery Success/Error Msgs in a Modal possible, instead of .slideDown(); ?

Jquery Success/Error Msgs in a Modal possible, instead of .slideDown(); ?

I'm working with a BS3 template and a formbuilder for speed, it suits me for now. However, this form when a user submits a contact request and it generates either a success or an error message, it totally throws the vertical sliding left and right panels of the BS3 template out of sync.

It's possibly the


That's causing the worst of it but I'm only just diving in to jquery and unsure if there's a viable alternative to .slidedown

Try it Here... if you would like to, the contact script is on the final 4th set of left/right sliders of the template. Fill in the form and see what happens.

Therefore, I'm looking into if it's possible to once a user submits the contact form, upon selecting the submit button; the success or error messages would actually open in a modal window and this render the above issue obsolete?

Below is the jquery part of the form builder code, that generates the success / error messages and any help or guidance would be much appreciated indeed.

Thanks in advance.

jQuery(function() { var options = { url: "/coming_soon/helloform/forms/1/process.php", async: false, type: "post", data: { "hfb": 1}, success: function(d) { var jd = JSON.parse(d); var tError = 0; jQuery.each(jd.eleErr, function(i, val) { var eleCon = "form#hfbform_id_1 #" + i + "_con"; //No error if (val === "") { jQuery(eleCon + " .hfb_pd_errormsg").hide(); } else { jQuery(eleCon + " .hfb_pd_errormsg").text(val); jQuery(eleCon + " .hfb_pd_errormsg").slideDown(); tError++; } }); if (tError === 0) { jQuery("form#hfbform_id_1")[0].reset(); if (jd.redirection[0] === true) location.href = jd.redirection[1]; else {