[jQuery] Superfish menu, Newbie in despair

[jQuery] Superfish menu, Newbie in despair

Hi Joel, hi everybody,
this is my first post here, thumbs up for this great component.
I see the demo and I love it, but...

After a long trial&error css tweaking with firebug, i still cant get what i need (i usually do after a while).
I tried to read all your stuff on the web, but its not all very aprehensible for me.
I am not very good at coding (pretty obvious by now, i suppose).

Actually I need my vertical menu to be the same as in your example (with arrows and shadows), only with different colors. But what i get is a mess, and i dont know how to handle it...

This is my webpage http://laderma.rs/joomla2/
Please help me out,

Thanks a bunch,