jQuery UI Datepicker Reset ??

jQuery UI Datepicker Reset ??

Hello everybody; today I'm comming with this little issue I came across with:

I have two datepickers [A From date and a To date] to add dinamically a Row to a table below. After that, the inputs are set to empty with the val('') function. 
So far, so good, everything works like a charm. The issue is when I want to select new Start and End dates to add another row. The calendars display with the previous dates selected, and as I use some restrictions on the selections, the problem is that I can`t select a date previous or later than before ...

So the thing is if there is a way to "reset" the "memory" of the datepicker without having to refresh obviously.

Any help or pointing some direction will be helpfull.

Thanks in advance

The code is pretty straightforward the one in the UI example:

  1. var dates = $('#aReservaDesde, #aReservaHasta').datepicker({
  2. changeMonth: true,
  3. onSelect: function(selectedDate) {
  4. var option = this.id == "aReservaDesde" ? "minDate" : "maxDate";
  5. var instance = $(this).data("datepicker");
  6. var date = $.datepicker.parseDate(instance.settings.dateFormat || $.datepicker._defaults.dateFormat, selectedDate, instance.settings);
  7. dates.not(this).datepicker("option", option, date);
  8. }
  9. });

So;  Click on the datepicker, select date, click datepicker again -> previously
selected date is now selected. In most cases this is the preferred option,
but I'd like to be able to reset the selected date so that on the second 
click, no date is preselected (which causes it to be 'unpickable' the second time).