JQuery v1.11.3 memory leak

JQuery v1.11.3 memory leak

Hi Guys,

We're developing a website using asp.net and JQuery v.1.11.3. It has frameset and frames (althought it is unsupported in HTML5). Our target clients use IE8.

We encountered memory leak in IE8 everytime a page is being rendered by the frame element. I have also read several articles which states that there are memory leaks when using frames in IE8.

So how do I confirm it as a bug? Well first I tried our website on other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and it seems that memory leak doesn't exists. And then I get back to IE8 and downgrading the JQuery version step by step, I started at 1.11.3, 1.11.2, 1.11.1 and then I stopped at 1.11.0, this is the most current version that the memory leak doesn't exists.

I haven't bump yet into any articles that has the same problem that I encountered, hope you can shed a light regarding this.

Thank you and more power to the JQuery team!