jQuery version information

jQuery version information

Currently we have :
 // The current version of jQuery being used 
jquery: "@VERSION", 
Which is reachable as an property of the jQuery instance (aka "object")
 $().jquery /* returns string: "1.4.2" */ 

I would like *not* to be obliged to make an jQuery instance just to be able to find out what the version is.

It would be trivial to make this an property of the jQuery object , so that one can use it like this :

 jQuery.jquery    // returns "1.4.2." 

Ideally I would like to see a structured version information, perhaps with an "normal" name to :

 jQuery.version // returns array of three numbers: [1,4,2] 


jQuery.version[0] // is a primary version 
jQuery.version[1] // is a sub version 
jQuery.version[2] // is a build number 

All, just a standard stuff really ...