JSCover - JavaScript Code Coverage

JSCover - JavaScript Code Coverage


I've developed JSCover (based on JSCoverage) and was wondering if anyone from JQuery is interested in assisting in integrating it with JQuery. I'm looking at this anyway (as I'm interested in improving the quality), but help from your side would be great.

I'm running the 1.8.3 branch with Mongoose, but always get 4 failures. Running through JSCover results in a few more failures (I'd like help tracking down the cause of all failures), but I think the result are still useful.

To run in proxy mode you'll need something like this
  1. java -jar JSCover-all.jar -ws --report-dir=target --proxy --port=8081 --branch --no-instrument=jquery/test --no-instrument=jquery/src/sizzle/test
You then need to set your browser's proxy to the machine (and port 8081) running JSCover (can be localhost for FireFox and Chrome but not IE). Then go to the page: http://localhost:8080/jscoverage.html?jquery/test

Attached are my results for Chrome, FireFox, IE9 and all results combined.