Keyboard navigation with menu - scrollbar stealing keyboard focus

Keyboard navigation with menu - scrollbar stealing keyboard focus

First time poster here.  I have been using jQuery and jQuery UI for a couple years now and love them both.

I was trying to use the jQuery UI Menu in my ASP.NET application.  After I created a nice looking menu, I realized that the keyboard navigation did not work.  Then I went to the Menu demo page on this site (, and saw that it wasn't working there either in any browser I tried.

I opened bug 9862 about this issue.  It was closed almost immediately because the iframe containing the demo is scrollable and the arrow keys are delivered to that scrollbar rather than to the widget.  I understand the technical explanation, but it's hard for me to accept that the menu supports keyboard navigation, when more often than not, a web application will have a scrollbar.  It's not practical for me to remove the scrollbar from my application because there is a lot of data we're collecting, yet it makes it not possible for me to use the Menu, as our application has to provide accessibility per corporate standards.

I looked at the page source of our application and saw that the outer <div> has overflow:auto style, which is likely giving it the scrollbar, but I don't think our application code is explicitly adding that style; I think it might be something ASP.NET is adding under the covers.  Is there some workaround I can use to force the keyboard focus to the menu if the menu is being displayed?

Thanks in advance,
David Whiteman