Label font is different from Legend Font

Label font is different from Legend Font

Hi All,

I noticed the font applied to a label differs to the font applied to legend.  Shouldn't they be the same for given theme for a consistent look?

Here's the complete code with the legend copied and pasted straight from the demo page:

                    <label for="myInput">Label Font</label>
                    <input id="myInput" value="some text" />
                    <div data-role="fieldcontain">
                        <fieldset data-role="controlgroup">
                        <legend>Legend Font:</legend>
                            <input type="radio" name="radio-choice-1" id="radio-choice-1" value="choice-1" checked="checked" />
                            <label for="radio-choice-1">Cat</label>

                            <input type="radio" name="radio-choice-1" id="radio-choice-2" value="choice-2"  />
                            <label for="radio-choice-2">Dog</label>

                            <input type="radio" name="radio-choice-1" id="radio-choice-3" value="choice-3"  />
                            <label for="radio-choice-3">Hampster</label>

                            <input type="radio" name="radio-choice-1" id="radio-choice-4" value="choice-4"  />
                            <label for="radio-choice-4">Lizard</label>