List searchinput fill whit geoloaction data

List searchinput fill whit geoloaction data

I have a problem. 

I can not fill the searchinput from the list whit geolocation data. 

i would like the value .val() fill whit my phonegap geopositon data ( position.coords.latitude position.coords.longitude). 

How i can insert into the searchvalue javascript?

 $(function() {
  $('#umgebungsbutton').on('click',function(){$('input[data-type="search"]').val(' TEST').trigger('keyup');});

<a data-theme="e" id="umgebungsbutton" href="" data-role="button">In meiner Umgebung</a>
<ul data-role="listview" data-filter="true" data-filter-placeholder="Suche nach PLZ oder ORT..." data-split-theme="d" id="llistatPosts">
<li>Es wurden leider keine Restaurants gefunden. Bitte Suchen oder App refreshen...</li>