Loading a Random <a> Class

Loading a Random <a> Class

I'm truly sorry if this is the wrong location to post this question, as I wasn't able to find a plugin that does what I'm hoping to do. Please take a look at the little diagram to (hopefully) help understand my question.

I am building a site that is utilizing a lightbox-type plugin to display a gallery of images when the user clicks image A, B, C, etc. However, what I would also like to do is set up the main content area (area '1' above) to load a random image from the row below (A, B, C, etc.) each day or two in order to highlight a different gallery/project.

I have seen a number of random image plug-ins, but is it possible to load an entire element from the same page? For example, if image A has a structure of:
  1. <a href="../images/photos/image01.jpg" rel="example1" title="Image Title">Grouped Photo 1</a>
How would I set up area 1 to load that element and its attributes randomly on.pageload, and then, every couple of days, load another random element?

I'm sorry if this is a failure of a question or if it is in the wrong location. Any help or direction would be much appreciated.