localStorage not persisting in jQuery 1.3.0 (Windows Phone 8)

localStorage not persisting in jQuery 1.3.0 (Windows Phone 8)

I have a strange issue when upgrading my jQuery Mobile library within my Windows Phone 8 HTML5/PhoneGap application from v1.1.0 to v1.3.0. I rely on localStorage within my application, which I use to set certain parameters from page to page depending on who's logged in, etc. However, when navigating between different HTML pages within the application, the localStorage seems to clear itself, which I have no idea why - and is undesired behaviour.

Because the pages are separate (not all contained within one HTML file) - the only way to go between these pages is via
  1. window.location = "blah.html";
Unless there's an equivalent of $.mobile.changePage for external pages, but none that I'm aware of? And as soon as it changes page, the localStorage is completely cleared!

However, this was not an issue when using v1.1.0 - but v1.1.0 doesn't officially support Windows Phone 8 (in v1.1.0 there's an issue when navigating, ironically, via $.mobile.changePage - which seems to work in v1.3.0).

I'd really appreciate if anybody could shed some light on this, as it has left me scratching my head for days!

Edit: just to add, I am navigating through code and not a tag link - hence the use of "window.location" and a code-based approach. Thanks.