making jquery cookies persistent

making jquery cookies persistent


I'm trying to use jquery to do some things. It works well, but I can't seem to get it to set a cookie that doesn't expire when I end the browser session.

The books and examples say this should work:
  1.         function CheckPW(){

                var PWDiv = document.getElementById("PWDiv");
                var Uname = document.getElementById("UserName");
                var Pword = document.getElementById("PassWord");
                var MyUser=Uname.value;
                var MyUN=Uname.value;
                var MyPW=Pword.value;
                for (var x in User) {
                    //PWDiv.innerHTML += x + " " + User[x] + "<br>";
                    if(MyUN == x) {
                        if(MyPW == User[x]){
                            //var logcookie = $.cookies.get("PWCookie");    Do I really need this line?
                            PWDiv.innerHTML += " Logged In as " + x + "<br>";
                            $.cookies.set("PWCookie", x, {expires: 15});
                    } else {
                        //PWDiv.innerHTML += "Oh, well... <br>";
                function LogInit(){
                    logcookie = $.cookies.get("PWCookie");
                    var Uname = document.getElementById("UserName");
                    Uname.value = logcookie;

Firefox(v3.6.3), IE8, and Google Chrome all reload the cookie as long as I have not closed the session.

When I close the browser, the cookie disappears.

One other thing... the web page and scripts are contained in a folder on my local machine. Do these have to be on a server (a bona fide web server) to work?

Any Thoughts???