Manually building customized jQuery UI from older versions

Manually building customized jQuery UI from older versions

I need to add a UI interaction (resizable) to an existing jquery ui download, which is version 1.10.2.  I'm not in charge of the main page and I cannot convince the powers that be to upgrade to the 1.10.4 (the newest).  They are OK with adding jquery.ui.resizable.min.js to the existing jquery.ui that they've custom-built from the builder page a while ago.

Ideally I'd go to version 1.10.2 of the jquery ui builder page, but I don't see it, and I imagine that I'm not going to be able to convince developers to create one.  So...

This gives me two choices:
1. download jquery.ui.resizable[.min].js explicitly in my part of the page
2. manually recreate the download-building from 1.10.2

I've proven (1), but this is a performance hit and I want to find a way to combine it with the original.  That leaves (2)

Where do I find out how jQuery Builder works so I can recreate it locally?  There are a number of ways of combining files and I want exactly what it does.