MODX en Jquery Mobile

MODX en Jquery Mobile

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to make a website with CMS in combination with jQuery Mobile.
On this forum I read that MODX would be the best solution to work with.
I decided to make a website in MODX and after that trying to make a jQuery Mobile front.

This last thing is more difficult than I thought.
Where do I have to start?

I know how I make a website with jQuery Mobile. But I don't know how to make this in combination with MODX.
There is no explanation online.

For example, how can I show the menu (which I made with 'wayfinder') in a jQuery Mobile environment?
Actually, this is my first question of a lot of other questions. Hopefully when I know this, maybe it's more clear where I can find anwers to my other questions.

I hope someone could send me to the right way.

Greets Mark