Mouse over move away effect

Mouse over move away effect

Hey guys,
I am trying to duplicate the effect that can be found at under the work link.  And this is what I have so far  Not quite turning out the same way.

So this is what I have (not the same code at the link above):

I start out by getting the top, left, bottom and right coordinates of each image lines 38 - 49

On mouse enter of each image I grab all the sibling images and put all the images the are to the left, right, top and bottom of that image into any array. lines 56 - 89

On mouse move on that same image I am figuring out the x and y of the mouse within that image by doing lines 121 - 189

And then on mouse out I reset everything. lines 90 - 120

So I guess these are my questions:
  1. What's the proper math to say that my mouse is X% into the image? So, if my mouse is dead center is 100% but if I am between the dead center point and the bottom right corner the percentage returned is between 0 and 100%.
  2. I am using .stop().animate() with an easing of "easeInOutQuad" and does not seem responsive enough, what's a better approach.
  3. Is the code at efficient enough or should I be doing something different?