Multi radio button selection event firing

Multi radio button selection event firing

I have gota a form with 2 questions , each with a radio buttons. When I click on a radio buttons either of the questions , I want the event #edit-next to fire, which will make effect on the drupal form

at the moment when i click on 1 questions radio button the event fires but i want 2 radio buttons 1 from each question for the the event to fire

(function ($, Drupal, window, document, undefined) {
$(document).ready(function() {
$('.form-radio').click(function() { $('#edit-next').click(); });
})(jQuery, Drupal, this, this.document);

this is the form below

as you can see when you click on one question the whole page loads what i want is when u click on both question then the whole page loads or even better if i could somehow put jquery ajax.

thank you